Add a Manual (non-swipe) Credit Card Payment Type

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Add a Manual (non-swipe) Credit Card Payment Method


NOTE: Adding payments can be done only when all other copies of Shopkeeper are closed.


For the times where you process a credit cards outside of Shopkeeper, you need to have a payment type button in Shopkeeper that will NOT try to re-process so that you don't double-charge a customer.


E.g. in Maintenance, Preferences, Payment Options, Payment Types,  add a new one called just 'Credit Card' (or "Manual", etc.) and set this to NOT request a Magnetic Swipe.


You can also drag it up the list by dragging the double-headed-arrow button/box.


Then in the VJS payment screen when you select that payment type it will just accept/believe that you've already got the payment and will not prompt you to swipe the card for re-processing.


Note that you can add any type of payment method here, PayPal, GE, even "Scrap" or "Trade-In" or "Gold" if you want to consider those as types of payment.







Keep in mind that any payment type that is not Cash, nor check, nor credit slip is lumped with the Credit Cards in cash register reports.

(i.e. it cannot be a separate column on that report.)


However, not to worry, you can run a report to separate and subtotal the credit cards via the Credit Card Payments Report.