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If the X or Z report includes the previous day...



(You should print a copy of the Z-report because it can't be reprinted

later) After printing the report - at the END of the report it says:


Do you want to see more copies?   <Yes> <No> <Cancel>


ALWAYS PRESS N for NO. Pressing Esc or Cancel or clicking with the mouse

*sometimes* doesn't clear the transactions out and therefore they show on

the next day's Z report.


Also, right after the Z report has run, try DISPLAYING an X report. All

the totals should be 0 (except layaway previous totals and To Date sales

totals) This is a good way to verify that the Z report has cleared all the

transactions. If the X report is not zero then re-run the Z-report.


Also - check that the Previous Sales did not get an extra day added.

If necessary correct that by choosing option 8,6,A - Update To Date Figures.


Note that in any case the X and Z reports are fairly complicated

summary reports which can in odd circumstances be 'confused'. In general

the Posting Reports (8,6,8 and 8,6,9) and the Itemized Sales Reports

(6,2,3) would be the official sales reports because they show line-by-line

the entries included where no details are printed on the X and Z reports.









In order to differentiate certain sales on daily sales reports,

simply type the letters ZZ in the reference field of cash

payments. This option does not work for layaway sales, unless

you wait until all payments are received before entering them

and you enter them as a cash sale. To change a sale to a ZZ sale

after it has been entered, use the Edit Sales option from the Sales

Menu, find the sale and change the Department to ZZ.


This has the effect of changing the sale number by adding a

letter to the end. e.g. if the sale number were 1021, the sale

number would be changed to 1021-A or 1021-B, etc.. This way,

the sale number 1021 would by used by the next sale. In

addition, the DEPT code (the field listed under the Clerk and

Date fields when entering sales) is filled in with the letters ZZ.

So don't fill in the Dept code on 'ZZ' sales because it will be



When you run an X-Report the 'ZZ' sales will not be included,

unless you type XZ when the x-report prompts you to type X to

start the processing of the X-Report. If you do type XZ to start

the report, only the ZZ sales will be shown, and the YTD

figures will not be meaningful.


When you run a Z-Report the 'ZZ' sales will not be included.

There is only one version of the Z-Report.


When you run a Posting report to reconcile to the X-Report, it

will not include ZZ sales, unless you choose the Z option after

choosing Daily Posting & Sales Tax Report.


A detailed sales report by item (From the Main Menu: Reports,

Sales Reports, Select Items Sales Reports) will NOT show ZZ

sales unless you choose the Depts: field, leave it blank and

choose the ALL option. If you fill in the Depts: field as ZZ only

the ZZ sales will show.


Hidden sales always show up in customer histories [6,A]