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Label Length Calibration


1. Press the mode key until the CALIBRATE LED is lit.

2. Press the FEED key and allow the labels to feed.

3. Once the labels stop feeding, press the MODE key once to save

the value in memory.



NOTE: The following procedure is used to adjust the sensitivity

of the Media and Ribbon Sensors. Use this if the above procedure

fails to correctly calibrate the printer.


Full Media Calibration Procedure


During this procedure, the printer automatically determines the

Media Type, Label Length, Media and Ribbon Sensor settings, and

Printing Method.


1. Turn the printer off and remove the ribbon if used.


2. Remove enough labels from the media liner to expose about 6"

of liner.


3. Load the exposed liner in the media sensor path and close the



4. Press and hold the PAUSE, FEED AND CANCEL keys as you turn the

printer on. When the bottom LED (MODE) goes out you can release

the keys.


5. The printer will complete selftest and then the DARKEN,

POSITION, PRINTHEAD and PAPER/RIBBON will begin to flash rapidly.


6. Load the ribbon (if used) and then press the MODE key. Allow

the labels to feed as the media profile prints until they stop.

The procedure is now complete.



The web sensors used for top of form detection must be properly

positioned to function correctly. The lower sensor emits an

invisible light which is received by the upper sensor. Aligning

these sensors over the media is required for proper function.