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Integrated Credit Card Processing Options



You can use a keyboard with a magnetic stripe reader

and swipe credit cards without a separate terminal

and get a consolidated receipt / authorization slip.


Jewelry Shopkeeper Pro includes the X-Charge credit-card

processing software. X-Charge works just with the X-Charge processor.


As with any processor there are Visa and MasterCard fees,

monthly statements, etc.


We're not experts but we think they have good service and rates.

Of course you should check with them to get a feel for their rates.


There is a plan B approach which is if your current processor can

provide you with and help you configure a more generic software

called IC Verify. The benefit there is that IC Verify works with

several different processors including, possibly, your old provider.

The downside is that you then have 3 groups to coordinate: IC Verify,

the Processor and Shopkeeper.


With X-Charge, they are the processor *and* they make the X-charge

software which reduces the change of technical issues. Further we have

found we are able to work closely with the real tech people to handle

any issues.


In either case the integrated credit card processing is a real help.


->It helps prevent amount errors (due to retyping the amount into a

 manual terminal) because the sale amount is automatically transferred.


->It processes very quickly over the Internet

 (As a backup it can switch to using a phone line)


->It doesn't tie up a phone line. (or get delayed due to someone using

 that line.)


->As many registers (computers) as you like can simultaneously request



->You print a single receipt with the items and the charge.


->There are improved reports vs. a manual terminal.