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X-Charge Credit Card Integration



If you are using a USB credit card reader it needs to be the type

with "keyboard emulation". This is the most common type but it's worth



You should install Shopkeeper Version 9.7 before integrating X-Charge.


Before you integrate X-Charge with Jewelry Shopkeeper you should install

it and run it as a standalone program according to the X-Charge



Note that you need to install the X-Charge Server program on

the server AND the X-Charge "Standalone" program on the server and also

install the X-Charge Standalone program on all the workstations.

While Shopkeeper doesn't need the X-Charge Standalone program on all

workstations it is helpful to be able to run X-Charge Standalone on

any station.



Actually, the X-Charge Server program doesn't have to be installed on

the same file server which houses Shop-Pro - although that is quite

common. Some people install the X-Charge Server program on the main

point of sale computer. In this case, remember the difference between

the main network "File Server" and the "X-Charge Server" computer.


Run it for at least a few days this way to ensure you can, independently

of Shopkeeper, process payments chargebacks and end of day procedures.


Note that as of time of writing Shopkeeper doesn't send requests for

Debit cards (ATM cards)  through X-Charge - even though X-Charge is capable

of doing that. So you'll want to make sure that each station can run the

standalone program for transactions that Shopkeeper doesn't yet do.


All of the above installations are independent of Jewelry Shopkeeper.

You will want the instructions from X-Charge to get it installed

correctly and they will walk you through it if needed.


To connect it to Jewelry Shopkeeper, configure the X-Charge Server

program to run on one of your computers and make sure it opens

automatically when the computer restarts. As before, this computer doesn't

HAVE to be the main office file server, but it's usual.


On the X-Charge Server computer open the JS-MENU icon to get the

COMMAND MENU. There, type MD CCAUTH and press Enter. (Don't worry

If this gives you an error indicating that folder already exists)

Note the prompt which should read something like C:\COMPLINK.JS

This will indicate the right drive letter for Shopkeeper such as

C: or F: or G: or T: or S:, etc.. Make a note of this drive letter.


The SERVER portion of Xcharge should point to the \complink.js\ccauth

folder as it's TRANSACTION FOLDER. With X-Charge "Server" running (you'll

see it's little credit card icon in the system tray near the Windows clock)

Right-click that system tray icon, choose Open X-Charge Server, Then choose

Setup then General Options on the left then pick the Server tab and you'll

see the Transaction Folder box. Erase anything that's already in there

and replace it with C:\COMPLINK.JS\CCAUTH   (but the  C: part may need

to be changed)


Also make sure that the load on startup is checked so that it always run.


- Note - it's quite possible that different computers use different

drive letters to point to the same central shared folder. Frequently

the server has the program installed in C:\COMPLINK.JS but a workstation

will refer to the same place as F:\COMPLINK.JS - you use the letter that

the Server computer uses.

To repeat: Fill in the Transaction Folder with C:\COMPLINK.JS\CCAUTH


corresponds to the correct drive where Shop-Pro starts on the X-Charge

Server Computer.


Exit the X-Charge configuration screen and choose to Save changes.



Next open Shop-Pro and choose option 8,8 for Store Information Defaults

and page-down to page 18 to find these options:

Use Credit Card Authorization Software:  Y

This Station's # (001 ,002, etc)       001  !! Change for each Computer !!

Timeout sending requests (seconds):     20

Timeout waiting for response (seconds): 20

Timeout receiving Answer (seconds):     20

Credit Card Reader Delay (1/100 second) 40


Be sure that each workstation has a different Station number. Normally

you should use 001, 002, 003, etc.


These are the standard values. If your X-Charge often takes a long

time to process (perhaps you use a modem instead of the internet) then

you may want to increase the timeout numbers.

(however that might imply a problem with X-Charge)


Enter a message that you want to print on receipts

 Credit Card Authorization Message

 Authorized Signature. I accept all

 Card Issuer Policies For This Payment.


 SIGN HERE: ___________________________



When done, page down a few times and exit and save the changes.

For good measure, exit Shop-Pro and then re-start Shop-Pro.




In the sales or payment screen - after you select a credit card

payment you'll get this prompt:



|     Get Authorization, Accept, Cancel, or Re-enter?     |

|                                                         |

| <Get Authorization> <Accept> <Cancel> <Re-enter> <Esc>  |

|                                                         |

+----------------- press <Up> to hide this prompt --------+


If you choose Get Authorization you'll see this box where

you can either swipe or type the credit card information

+----------Swipe VISA ----------+

|                               |

|  Card No:     -    -    -     |

| Exp Date:   /                 |

|    First:                     |

|     Last:                     |

|   Amount:   10579.55          |

|      Zip:                     |

| Comments:                     |



If you use a card reader and the card information doesn't seem to go

into the correct boxes you may need to adjust the card reader delay

in Store Information Defaults - between 10 and 70 would be typical.


The billing zip code may not be required - that depends on your

account with the credit card processors.


The next prompt will be:


|      Process Card, Cancel Request, or Re-enter?      |

|                                                      |

| <Process Request> <Cancel Request> <Re-enter> <Esc>  |

|                                                      |

+----------- press <Up> to hide this prompt -----------+


When you choose Process, Jewelry Shopkeeper sends a request file

to the \COMPLINK.JS\CCAUTH folder on your computer and waits for the

IC Verify Server program to pick up that file, submit it and send a

response for Shopkeeper to read.


If the response is positive you'll get this message


| Card: **65466 Exp:0101 was successfully authorized <OK> |



Otherwise you'll get this message:  NO Authorization!!


If no response is received in time you'll see one of these messages

FAILED: Timeout during REQUEST"

FAILED: Timeout during Hold

FAILED: Can't read Result

FAILED: Timeout waiting for Answer


If you get a timeout error you could increase the timeouts in Store

Information Defaults, but more likely it means a problem with IC Verify.

When done.

Print a receipt and the authorization information will print on the receipt.




Note that you need to be familiar with the X-Charge standalong and server

programs so you can:

Review the charge account activity logs

Cancel any practice or duplicate charges before settlement.

Execute the Settlement / or Batch process

You can configure X-Charge for automatic settlement at a fixed time

but you might prefer manual settlement.


After using X-Charge for a couple of days contact the credit card

processor to verify that almost all transactions are recorded as

being swiped transactions (not manually typed transactions)


You don't want any hiccups in the system to cause higher commissions

to be deducted and you don't want to wait a month for the first

statement to learn about any such hiccups.