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If you get the "Cannot find working folder" message in Windows XP


It's not uncommon for Windows networks to "forget" their network drive

mappings which connect a drive letter to the main computer. Keep these

notes because you may need them if it happens again.


FIRST: Open My Computer. In the Network Drives area, if there is a drive with

RED X through it, double click that drive to re-connect it.


Restart the Server/Main computer, then once it's back up restart the

other computer(s). If that doesn't fix it try these steps. Go to the

workstation computer (or "remote" or "slave")  for these steps NOT the

Server/Main computer.


1)  At the Windows desktop (with all the icons) RIGHT-click Shop-Pro icon

2)  Choose properties

3)  Choose Program

4)  NOTE the drive letter at the beginning of the WORKING folder (eg.

  F: or E: or  G: or J: etc.)

5)  Click CANCEL

6)  Double-click the "My Computer" icon.

  From the top of the Window choose Tools, then Map Network Drive

  Change the Drive box to the letter you noted in the Working folder


7)  In the Folder box either drop down the list with the arrow and

  find the right entry (perhaps something like \\SERVER\C)

  or chose Browse to search the network by choosing Entire Network

  then  Microsoft Windows Network, then double-click the workgroup

  name that appears (the icon with three small computers)

8)  Double-click the Computer icon that is the "Main" / "Server" computer

  (note that you'll have to figure that out from the names. We

   couldn't guess for you if that will be called RUBY, ZEYZ, DELL2

   or whatever)

9)   Single-click the DRIVE /Folder where the COMPLINK.JS folder is located

  (e.g. C, or D) and choose OK


  Do NOT open that drive letter and do NOT click on COMPLINK.JS

  (Yes, Shopkeeper lives in the Complink.js folder but you do not map

   the network drive letter to that folder)

10) Make the Reconnect at Login box checked

11) Click Finish

12) Try Shop-Pro


Note: if you cannot even see the Main / Server computer anywhere in the

"Network  Neighborhood" or "My Network Places" then you may have network

issues which may be as simple as checking the network cables and the

network "Hub" or which need to be addressed to a tech.


If you don't use Workgroup networking or if you have a special shared

data folder on your server then you have a more advanced network setup

than indicated above. In that case either you or your tech would know

more about your network than we would.