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RE:MS-Word Templates for MailMerge Labels & Shopkeeper



Attached is one sample MS-Word document you can use to do a mail

merge to 3x10 labels. If you'd like the other sample file

formats for envelopes let us know; only one sample was included

for now since some email programs handle one attachment better

than multiple.


Save the file attached to this email to any folder you like on

your c: drive.



Instructions for Mail-Merge with Microsoft Word



Using Shop-Pro's mail-merge output and MS-Word can let

you produce higher quality labels because you can select your

own font, change the print colors, adjust the layout, choose

different types of labels and you can use a wider range

of printers than are supported natively in Shop-Pro.



These instructions work for Shop-Pro version 9 and higher.



Start MS Word version 95 or higher.


Open the sample merge file template file - e.g. 5160lab.doc

for standard 3x10 labels with the format of Avery 5160 labels;

env2000.doc for envelopes using MS Word 2000 or higher

v95env.doc for envelopes in other versions of MS Word.

Postcard.doc is for postcards in MS Word 2000 or higher.


Choose Tools, Mail Merge


The sample file is configured to find the customer list

in C:\MERGE1.CSV  but if you have the file in another location

or have changed the name - Select the Get Data button and

change the file name.


Choose Merge then Merge again to send the results to a new document on



While it is merging a progress counter shows at the bottom left of the



You should review the results and do a print-preview to see if it looks



You should test print just a couple of pages on plain paper to verify

that the format is ok.


If you have successfully done the above steps before and know that

the format is fine then in the above Merge step you can change the

"Merge To:" option to "printer" instead of "new document". This can

save you extra time - especially if you have a large list of several

thousand. If you have a large list you may even have memory problems

merging to a new document.


If you want to change the format of the labels, such as the font,

change the template document - e.g. 5160lab.doc - before you merge.



If you merge to a "new document" you never have to save the resulting

large document since you can always recreate it.