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Wireless Networks



Yes, you can use Jewelry Shopkeeper Pro with wireless networks and in

theory they're fast and reliable.


However please note that whereever possible you should use wired networks

because Jewelry Shopkeeper is a database product which is sensitive to the

speed and reliability of the network.


Any network can (and will) have hiccups. Experience tells us that wireless

networks are more prone to trouble than a cabled network.


The fastest wireless networks are rated at 54Mbps. Some may even claim

125Mbps. However, Because of interference they run slower. Furthermore the

wireless segment of the network is slowed down by the security algorithms

needed to prevent your network from being available to outsiders.


For example, one of our wireless segments ofte varied between 22Mbps and

5Mbps on the same machine on the same desk. It just varies from minmute

minute. Even those figures are optimistic as the encryption will slow

them down. Many users report that sometimes the wirelessly connected

computers can appear to hang for a while.


By comparison, a cabled network runs at a consistent 100Mbps and is also

duplex which means the 100Mbps is in both directions at the same time

unlike the simplex operation of wireless. In fact, when you add any

cabling you should use quality (Cat 6e) cables so that you can plan

your network's move to gigabit speed which is 1,000Mbps


If you have a corporate quality wireless network and you've done

tests showing that you get in excess of 6MBps throughput (50mbps)

and no hang-ups then you're probably fine for now.


You can combine cabled and wireless parts of your network so consider

wireless only for those parts where it's needed.

Lower intensity work such as internet browing or word processing is not

affected as much by the slower speed of wireless networks. Jewelry

Shopkeeper however, is a data application  that frequently has to chug

though megabytes of data in a blink.


Therefore we recommend that you only use wireless where or when absolutely

necessary. Maybe you have a spot where you need a computer but it'll take

you weeks or months until you can have a cable installed. Perhaps if you

temporarily bring in a couple of extra notebooks for a busy sale.