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                  Printing with Windows þ95


General Notes


       All printer drivers must be installed. To check this, from the Windows þ95 Desktop:

       þSelect Start, Settings, Printers. Confirm that each of your printers should has an printer icon to represent it.

       þConfirm the Set as Default selection is check-marked on the default printer. (Press the right mouse button to see this Default question.)





Printing is too slow or doesnþt print or laser statements donþt print correctly

                 þGo to the Windows þ95 Desktop, (press Ctrl-Escape if youþre not already at the desktop). Click the Start icon, then click Settings, then Printers. Each of your printers should have a printer icon to represent it.

       þClick the right mouse button on the printer icon

       þChoose Properties

       þChoose the Details tab

       þChoose the Port Settings button

                 þThere should be a line which reads SPOOL MS-DOS JOBS. Make sure the check box next to this line is NOT checked. Choose OK a few times to get back to the box of printer icons

       þRepeat the steps for all the other printer icons


Sometimes it helps to disable the Bidirectional Printing option found within the Details screen of the printer icon properties.


Sometimes it helps to delete the printer icon and reinstall it.


Sometimes, it is required to turn ON Spooling of MS-DOS print jobs (but usually itþs best if spooling of MS-DOS print jobs is OFF)