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               Setting up a Windows 95 Network


We are not experts in creating Windows 95 networks, but here are

some basic tips. For more details you should check the Windows 95

manual, or the Windows 95 on-line documentation or (probably

best) a third-party Windows 95 book from a bookstore.


Decide which computer will be the main computer, this will be the

FILESERVER (or just SERVER). All of the Jewelry Shopkeeper

program files and data files will be loaded on this computer

only. No part of the program or data will be loaded on the

WORKSTATIONS. We call the other computers which donþt have the

Jewelry Shopkeeper loaded WORKSTATIONS, even if they are

technically servers for other printers or files.


To start with, you have to set up NETWORKING from the CONTROL

PANEL. At the SERVER, you must make the C: drive fully sharable

(e.g. you need to share the whole C: drive, not a part of it, and

you must grant full read/write rights.) To make a C: drive

sharable, you may have go to the MY COMPUTER SCREEN, the single-

click on the C: drive, then choose FILE then PROPERTIES. You also

may have to give the server a NAME - such as SERVER or JOEþS

COMPUTER or FRONT COMPUTER, etc. Note that you cannot make the C:

drive sharable, until after you have activated the Windows 95

Networking options.


You may have to create one or more USER names at the server. You

might be able to assign passwords to these USER names, but itþs

probably easier to NOT require passwords.


At the WORKSTATION, youþll probably have to go to NETWORK

NEIGHBORHOOD to login to the server. Also in NETWORK

NEIGHBORHOOD, you should click on the server icon to see the

resources of the server, such as itþs C: drive. After you see the

C: drive, single-click (not double-click) on the shared C: drive,

the click on FILE from the menu above, then choose MAP A NETWORK

DRIVE. We suggest you map the drive letter F: to the shared

drive. Also, you should click on the RECONNECT AT LOGIN box so

that every time you start the workstation it will assign F: to

the server.


Next, you should load the Jewelry Shopkeeper icons on the

WORKSTATIONS as described on a separate page.