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** Technicians' Notes To Optimize Jewelry Shopkeeper

** For Use Over a WAN


The Shopkeeper was designed to run off local hard drives and local area

networks of 10 to 100 megabits per second so a 384down/128up kilobits per

second asynchronous dsl (ADSL) line or even a business-class 384k SDSL VPN

is not going to come close to the normal speed. However, with the below

modifications you can at least ensure that the executable program is

accessed directly off the remote computer's own hard drive and that only

the server data is accessed over the WAN link.


Note that you'd want at minimum a high-quality 768kbps synchronous link or

more preferably 1.1Mbps, 1.5Mbps or higher. Note that ADSL lines

aren't suitable for store-to-store usage because they are fast one way but

slow the other way where SDSL versions of DSL have the same speed both ways.

However, ADSL at home for lower intensity use ADSL could be fine provided

the store itself had a higher quality connection.


The notes above mentioning ADSL may also apply to Cable internet in those

cases where the uplink speed is much slower than the downlink speed.



*) Copy the \COMPLINK.JS folder from the server to the remote computer's

\COMPLINK.JS folder  (not any of the subfolders such as install or

data.js - just the files themselves.)


*) Copy the \COMPLINK.JS\PRO folder from the server to the remote computer's



*) Make sure the remote computer does NOT have a \COMPLINK.JS\DATA.JS folder

(only the server should have this data)


*) Note that both semi-colons and colons are used below


*) Copy the file CONFIG.FP from the \complink.js\pro directory to the root of

the C: drive on the remote computer.


*) Edit the C:\CONFIG.FP on the remote computer and

Add (near the top) the line: TMPFILES=C:\

Change the config.fp line: RESOURCE=\COMPLINK.JS\PRO\FOXUSER.DBF






*) (above the original line may be PATH = ..\PRO;..\

but we still need to change it to: PATH = C:\COMPLINK.JS\PRO;C:\COMPLINK.JS


*) Change the C:\CONFIG.FP line COMMAND = DO JSPRO to



*) Add to the C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT on the remote computer the line


 If you have Windows ME you need to set this JSPATH environment option

 by running the MSCONFIG program and choosing Environment


 If you have Windows XP set the environental variable by choosing

 Control Panel, System, Advanced, Environmental Variables, System

 Variables - make a New one named JSPATH with a value of



*) Then after you next reboot (so the SET statement kicks in)

 (XP doesn't need rebooting)


*) Create a shortcut icon with the CMDLINE set to:


and the WORKING set to the server's data folder on the mapped network drive



For Windows XP/2K/NT the command line should be




*) IMPORTANT NOTE: After any program update from Compulink you or the jeweler

will have to copy any new program files in the main computer's \COMPLINK.JS

and  \COMPLINK.JS\PRO folders to the remote computers' C: drives. There is no

automated procedure to do this; either recopy the entire folders or just copy

the files with newer dates. Compulink cannot remind the user to do this since

we don't track users' configurations.