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Using Shop-Pro and Windows 2000/XP

(Microsoft describes XP as an update of Windows 2000)


Basically, yes, it can work. Some Shop-Pro users use it just at the server

and some use it at the workstations.


However it not specifically recommended at this time because

1) Shop-pro operates more slowly under Win 2000 than Win 98/ME

as a workstation

(although as a dedicated server Win 2000 would be faster than a dedicated

Win 98/ME server)


2) Shared printers don't work as well for Shop-Pro under Windows 2000 as

they do under Win 98/ME (There can be a significant delay in printing

from a workstation to a shared printer attached to a win 2000 machine)


3) Some users like to run Shop-Pro in Full-Screen mode. However, in a

few cases running the shop-pro in full-screen mode only uses the top

half of the screen. For some of those users, changing the screen properties

of the shop-pro icon takes care of that in other cases it doesn't


4) Picture support is a little more questionable. While it worked for us

when we ran shop-Pro in full-screen mode we don't have enough in-field

feedback to know if it will work for everyone.


5) If other 'issues' arise Compulink doesn't have nearly as many tips on

how to tweak Windows 2000 as it does for Win 98/ME.


For users with network of 5 to 10 stations it may be acceptable to use

Windows 2000 as the dedicated server in order to get best performance and

server reliability. (so long as the printers are connected to Win 98/ME



However, in the case of a dedicated server, win 98/ME would typically be

fast enough and reliable enough. Since no apps would be running on that

machine it's not likely to crash or slow down.

With a large network of over 15 stations a Windows 2000 or Netware server

would be recommended for reliability.