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Using Network or USB or Serial printers  in Shop-Pro Version 9.7 and higher



This only works with printers that support the PCL language or barcode

tag printers.


Make sure the printers you're printing to are shared. You need to do this

even if it's a local printer that you don't really intend to share.



In Windows, choose

Start, Settings, Printers & Faxes.

Right click the printer.

Choose Sharing.

Make sure the printer is SHARED and a SHARE NAME has been typed in.


Tip: - give it a short name with no spaces such as DATAMAX or HP2400

all in upper-case.



Once done, Go into Shoppro.


Choose 8,B (printer redirection)


Highlight the printer number you want to print to (eg, 5 HP laserjet)


Press F2   to see a list of network printers and select the right print

queue  from the list.

* If your printer list doesn't appear see (*) below


Press Escape to get to the next page "Customize Printer Destinations"


Make sure the correct printer number is typed into the corresponding print

job (eg. For REPORTS AND GENERAL USE: select 5 or whichever number you

noted on the list of printers)


(*) If your list of network printers does not appear, you can manually type

the word NET into the Q-Type column and type the full UNC of the printer

into the Print Queue column - such as \\SERVER\HP1320


Try printing the job.