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Below are the steps involved in transferring merchandise to another store

which also has purchased a license for the Jewelry Shopkeeper.


1.   Each store needs to have its own two-letter or two-digit unique store

   ID code. Enter this in Store Information Defaults.


2.   You should verify that each store uses the same major class codes, but

   that each store is assigning a different minimum and maximum sku

   number range as entered in the major class code screens.


3.   Create a list of inventory items to be transferred. This step does NOT

   yet reduce the inventory levels - it's just a preparatory list.

   a.   From the Inventory Menu, choose Inter-Store Transfer.

   b.   Choose Add or Edit a Transfer List.

   c.   Choose Add a New Transfer.

   d.   Pick the store-code of the location to which the merchandise is

        to be transferred.

   e.   Type the stock number (SKU) of each item to be transferred.

   f.   Note the unique number assigned to this transfer list.


4.   When you are ready to transfer the merchandise, put the transfer list

   on a diskette. This step DOES reduce the inventory levels.

   a.   From the Inter-Store Transfer Menu, choose Create a Transfer

        File to Send to Another Store.

   b.   Pick the correct transfer list.

   c.   Insert a diskette into the floppy disk drive when asked to create

        the file.

   d.   Optionally, you can print a list of the items on the diskette, by

        choosing the View a Transfer File option.

   e.   Include the diskette along with the transferred merchandise.


5.   When the other store receives the merchandise and the transfer

   diskette. This increases the remote store inventory levels. Note that

   the merchandise retains the original sku numbers assigned by the

   sending store.

   a.   Insert the transfer diskette into the floppy drive

   b.   Optionally, you can print a list of the items on the diskette by

        choosing the View a Transfer File option.

   c.   Choose Import a Transfer File from Another Store

        and then pick the correct transfer list.