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          Time Cards / Time Clock in The Jewelry Shopkeeper:



To use Time Cards you need to record the name and initials of each sales

clerk; record time cards; run time card reports.


To record sales clerks choose option 8,4,1 "Add a Clerk." You do not have

to record an hourly wage but if you do, the time card report will multiply

the hours by this rate (without regard for overtime)


To record time cards, choose option File, Misc, Time card, or choose option

8,4,6 or you can press Ctrl-T from anywhere in the Menu System when the

Menu system is active. Ctrl-T does not work if you are already in a feature

of the program such as inventory or sales.


Type in the initials of the clerk and the name. Note that you can type just

a portion of the name but that portion must match the beginning of the

name. For example: for clerk XYZ  Mr. Xavier Yave Zowinsky you could type

in "X" or "XAV" or "XAVIER" or "XAVIER YA" but not "XAVIER ZOWINSKY"


Note that the time is filled in for you but if it is adjusted it must be

entered in 24-hour clock format 09:45 is ok, 9:45 is not ok; for 5pm, 17:00

is used, not 05:00 or 5. Note that the real time the card was posted is

stored in addition to the "declared time." For example, if an employee were

dropping off the mail on the way home, he might declare a time of 17:30

(5:30pm) even though the actual time recorded was 17:10 (5:10pm)


The comments box cannot be expanded.


To edit or delete Time Card entries choose option 8,4,7 and type in the

initials and the date and if there are several time cards for that date

for that person, type in a time. If you don't know the time, run a report

first. After you find an existing time card entry you can change the

declared time or delete the entry. You cannot change the actual/real

time and date the card was posted - but they are not used for calculations.


Time Card Reports



To run Time Card reports choose option 8,4,8 "Report Time Card Entries."


If you see any day where the hours worked is marked as "ERROR!" it means

that for that day there was a clock-in time without a clock-out time.

In that case you will need to add a clock-out time card for that day if you

were missing it, or if there was an accidental clock-in time, then you

could delete that extra card.


If you choose to "Show Comments" the report will show the comments of each

time card and will show the declared time vs. the actual time of each card,

but this version of the report will NOT add up any hours.


To show the time cards with hours and dollar calculations, do NOT choose to

"show comments." The dollar total calculation does NOT factor overtime.

Calculations use the declared time not the actual time.


Normally the time of each work stretch will be rounded DOWN to the nearest

6 minutes (number of complete tenths of an hour worked). E.g.

If someone worked 3 hours 11 minutes it would be rounded down to 3.1 hours

However, you could to measure time in terms of the quarter hour by choosing

15 minutes. You can also choose to "round" the time fractions instead of

"truncating them". For example 3 hours 11 minutes would be rounded to 3.2

hours. Choosing the R for Round option is more favorable to employees. and

should be fairly neutral over time since half would round down and half

would round up. If you were to select the nearest 1 minute that would be

the most precise measure but would give fractions of hours that are not

clean tenths or quarters of an hour.