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If/when you make repair sku numbers, you can add a template to each so

that when you use one, the repair screen description and instructions

will prompt the user for the desired information.


choose 2,8,E - pick a repair sku, then on the basic "inventory" screen,

press <PageDown>. The first five lines are for the repair "description"

template the next five lines for the instructions template. (If it asks

if you want to copy notes from an existing sku, you can type in another

repair sku to copy its template which you can modify for this sku.)


Then when you make a repair sale via 1,2 and add that sku number then

press <PageUp> for the repair detail screen, the template will be there

refreshing your memory as to the pertinent details to record. At that

time you can fill in the template or modify it or erase it and type in

the descriptions from scratch if the template doesn't work for this job.


Some example template words you could put in for the description are:

--For a Chain:--     --For a Ring:--        -- Custom Bands:--

Style/karat          Style/Karat            Width/style/karat

Length/clasp         Main Stone             Size

Condition            Additional stones      Engraving

                   Condition              YG/WG/Plat


--Examples of words for Instruction Templates:--

New Size:

Call for Approval if Over: $

Don't Polish

Replace Battery

Send to Factory

Use Customer's Stone


Replace Tips