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Here are some tips if your thermal transfer tag printer is skipping tags



*) See if your printer has a "calibration" feature and if it does then

run it.



*) You may have to adjust some of the tag layout parameters so that the

text printed is not quite so close to the top or bottom of the tag.


Datamax and Citizen printers often like to have at least approximately

1mm unprinted  white space at the top of the tag.


*) Adjust or clean the tag sensor/eye. Thermal tag printers have an

eye to measure where the tags begin and end. You may have to check

your printer's user-guide to locate the sensor

 *) Sometimes the position of this eye has to be adjusted to be

 directly over the middle of the tag or over the tallest part of the


 *) Sometimes dust or a piece of a tag might be blocking the sensor.


*) If your tags were behaving ok before - then check the thermal tag

layout screen to make sure all of the coordinates are the same as you

set them previously.

 (To access the thermal tag layout screen choose 2,5,B for "change tag

 layouts" then PageDown to get to the "Edit Thermal Tag Layout screen"

 and pick the layout number you're using)



Also (for Citizen/Datamax/C-Itoh) you could try various adjustments to the

Offset:  and Backfeed:      entries on the bottom right.


You could try adjusting them in increments of 5 or 10 to see if that

makes a difference but there are no known particular combinations that

will work for every printer and every tag so you may have to try a few




If nothing works, make a NEW layout (different number than you normally

use) and enter the coordinates for the sku number and try to position it

in the middle of the tag (vertically speaking) if that doesn't skip then

you know you just need to not print so close to the top or bottom. Adjust

the sku up and down to see how high and low you can go before it starts