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                 Stationery Requirements



Jewelry Shopkeeper uses specific forms, tags, and labels. This section serves

as a guide to obtaining the correct items for the system.


Jewelry tags are available for use with older-style dot-matrix printers and are

in the continuous-form pin-fed format. If you wish to have barcodes on your

tags, you will need a thermal-transfer printer such as the Zebra 105 or Stripe

600 or the C-itoh S4. The barcode printers and tags can be obtained from

Kassoy and Arch Crown.


Quality receipts and other forms can be obtained from

   Hessler Enterprises (215) 379-2300

   They have various sizes and customize the layout and logos and colors.

   They can also produce all your other forms that you need.

   They are familiar with the forms that work with the Jewelry

        Shopkeeper so be sure to tell them thatþs the name of the



û Ring Tags

     Arch Crown Tags, Inc.

     277 Halsey Street

     Newark, New Jersey  07102

     (800) 526-8353


   Smaller size (most popular): Style Number CT311

   Larger size: Style Number CT312

   Colors available: assorted, including white, yellow, orange, green, blue

   2-across dot matrix "String Tags" Part number CT350

   1-across dot matrix dumbbell "Ring Tags" Part number CT309



  Also available from

     Kassoy Jewelry Supplies

     16 Midland Avenue

     Hicksville, New York  11801

     (800) 452-7769

     2-across dot matrix "String Tags" Part number CT380


û Small Gift Tags

   (for watches, earrings, other items not needing a ring tag)

   Arch Crown Style Number CT310. Also available from Kassoy.

   Colors available: assorted, including white, yellow, orange, green, blue



û String Tags

     (for watches, earrings, charms, rings)


     Compu-String Tags, Style Number CT-380

     Colors available: white, silver


û Large Gift Tags (for boxes, figurines, clocks)

     Continuous feed for dot-matrix printers from any stationer

     Size: 2-1/2þ þ 15/16þ, 3 across mailing labels


û Mailing Labels

   (continuous-feed for dot-matrix printers from any stationer)

   Size: 3-1/2þ þ 15/16þ 1 across

   Size: 2-1/2þ þ 15/16þ 3 across (cannot fit as much information as

   1-across labels)

   Size: 3-1/2þ þ 15/16þ 4 across (requires wide-carriage printer)

   Size: 2-5/8þ þ 1þ 3 across for LaserJet printer


û Checks

   NEBS Computer Forms

   500 Main Street

   Groton, Massachusetts  01470

   (800) 225-9550

   To ensure the correct forms are supplied, specify that the forms are to

   work with the Jewelry

   Shopkeeper software program.


   1-part checks: Style Number 9024-1. Continuous for dot-matrix


   2-part checks: Style Number 9024-2. Continuous for dot-matrix


   Laser printer checks: Product 9039-1

   It doesn't matter where you get the checks from, as long as they are:



   4"  ,  3 1/2" , 3 1/2"




   Compatible Envelopes: Style Number 9380


û Statements

     NEBS Computer Forms

     1-part statements: Style Number 9200-1

     2-part statements: Style Number 9200-2

     Plain-paper stock for laser-statements: Style Number 12469

     Compatible Envelopes: Style Number 771, Du-O-Vue Envelopes


û Appraisal Form

   NEBS Computer Forms. Letter-size cut sheet.

   8«þ wide þ 11þ tall: Style 128-3


û Customer Invoices/Receipts

           NEBS Computer Forms. Pin-fed continuous forms.

   Be sure to sure to ask NEBS for samples before you decide to purchase



û "Half-Page" receipts (can be any size, not just half a page)

     (with or without your company name printed)


   8«þ wide þ 5«þ tall: Style Number 9329 (1, 2 or 3 parts)

   8«þ þ 7þ: Style Number 9330 (1, 2 or 3 parts)

   8«þ þ 11þ: Style Number 9331 (1, 2 or 3 parts)

   4þ þ 7þ: Style 12209. With or without sequential numbers. (This

   small size requires entering

   the compressed printer code in the elite field for the printer definition. It

   also requires Width

   Reduction of 31 and Length Reduction of 1 from the Store Information

   Defaults section of the program, page 8-69).


û 40-Column receipts:    

   You can print 40-column receipts on rolls of receipt paper, which have

   no perforations or pin-

   feed holes. The paper can be 1- or 2-part paper, from many stationers.

   The width can be

   from 3þ to 5þ depending on the size of characters you print on them.

   This type of receipt works best with a 40-column point-of-sale printer.


For Repair envelopes you can use plain coin envelopes or baggies and attach

a repair label to them. The Jewelry Shopkeeper can print repair labels on the

standard 1-across mailing labels, using a dot matrix printer.


Alternatively, you can print on to special repair envelope using a Hewlett

Packard DeskJet or LaserJet printer (not Canon or Epsons). This is a three-

across form with a customer copy a file copy and the third copy is an actual

paper envelope. These are available from Impact Specialties (770) 458-9077


Hessler Enterprises makes a three across repair card that you use print with a

Hewlett Packard DeskJet or LaserJet printer (not a Canon or Epson inkjet).

This is a three-across form with a customer copy a file copy and the third

copy you would insert into a clear ziplock back which is made to fit exactly.

These are available from Hessler Enterprises. (215) 379-2300.