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If the statements are "splitting" so the template prints on one page and the

customers' information prints on another page...


*) Make sure you're using a LaserJet not a Deskjet


*) Make sure you are at the computer where the printer is connected (e.g.

don't try to print the statements from one computer to a printer connected

to another computer on a network


*) From the Main Menu choose option 8,9 for Acccounts Receiveable Defaults.

Page down to the second page and choose Yes for Use Direct Printing MEthod

for Laser Template


*) If doesn't fix it, then turn off dos-spooling from Windows with these



Go to the Windows 95/98 Desktop, (press Ctrl-Escape if you're not

already at the desktop). Click the Start icon, then click Settings,

then Printers. Each of your printers should have a printer icon to

represent it.


*Click the right mouse button on the printer icon

*Choose Properties

*Choose the Details tab

*Choose the Port Settings button


*There should be a line which reads SPOOL MS-DOS JOBS. Make sure

the check box next to this line is NOT checked. Choose OK a

few times to get back to the box of printer icons


*Repeat the steps for all the other printer icons