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To use HP printers for month-end statements:


If you are using an HP LaserJet you can either use professionally

pre-printed statements (*)  or plain, unprinted paper (**)


If you are using an HP DeskJet or OfficeJet (inkjet printers) you'll

need to use pre-printed statements - either professional one or something

you concoct yourself in MS Word



*) Go to printer redirection (8,b) look at the list of printers and note the

number of the LaserJet or DeskJet entry, press escape from the list, and on

the next page, find the "statement" entry and change the number to the right



*) Go to "Accounts Receivable Defaults" (8,9) page-down to the 2nd page,

 and choose 2 for the "laser/inkjet style" choice


 If you are using a LaserJet (not a DeskJet) with plain paper choose Yes

 for the option to "print the template on laser statements" and choose Yes

 for the option to "use direct printing method for laser template"




(*) For pre-printed statements you can contact Hessler Enterprises printers

(800) 346-1304


(**) For unprinted statement paper with a perforation for the return stub

contact Linton Labels


(**) You can also get blank perforated paper by the ream

   from Linton Labels (800) 841-0200



For statements for HP printers you use 8 1/2 x 11 paper

with a perforation a third of the way down  3 2/3" (for the

return payment stub)


In plain white see product 23-0212 for 24lb paper or

23-0210 for 20lb paper

In plain white with a color tinted return stub see

product 23-0250 for pale green, 23-0252 for pale pink,

23-0254 for pale blue (all in 20lb paper)


Note that the prices on the website are freight-included

and that it appears that getting just 1 ream isn't

practical - 5 makes more sense.





Plain white paper stock with a laser-perforation a third down the page

is available from  Kelly Paper, phone number (562) 595-5523

(800) 67-KELLY. Paper Part No. 1953A