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Troubleshooting Spool32 Error





The information in this article applies to:


    Microsoft Windows 98

    Microsoft Windows 95






This article describes how to troubleshoot the following error messages when you

attempt to print or perform a printer-related action:


    SPOOL32 caused a General Protection Fault in module

    Kernel32.dll at <address>.




    SPOOL32 caused an Invalid Page Fault in module Kernel32.dll

    at <address>.




    SPOOL32 caused a Stack Fault in module Kernel32.dll at






The Spool32.exe file is a 32-bit Windows 95/98 component that manages the

spooling of print jobs. Spooling allows the computer's processor to quickly process a

print job by temporarily storing it on the hard disk before sending it to the printer.

This allows the processor to return control to the program from which you are

printing at a much faster rate than if it processed the entire print job and then sent

it directly to the printer. Spool32 error messages can occur if something is

preventing the print job from being spooled properly.


To troubleshoot the error messages described earlier, follow each step below, and

then attempt to print again. If you still receive the error message, proceed to the

next step.


  1.Disable all non-essential drivers and programs (known as a clean boot). To

    clean-boot your computer, follow the steps in the appropriate section below:


    Windows 95:


      a.Click Start, point to Find, and then click Files Or Folders.


      b.Click the Include Subfolders check box to clear it.


      c.In the Named box, type config.sys autoexec.bat, and then click Find



      d.In the list of found files, right-click the Autoexec.bat file, click Rename,

        and then type a new name for the Autoexec.bat file (such as


      e.Repeat step D with the Config.sys file.


      f.Quit the Find tool, and then restart your computer.




    Windows 98:


      a.Click Start, point to Programs, point to Accessories, point to System

        Tools, and then click System Information.


      b.On the Tools menu, click System Configuration Utility.


      c.On the General tab, click Selective Startup, and then click the following

        check boxes to clear them:


           - Process Config.sys File

           - Process Autoexec.bat File

           - Process Winstart.bat File

           - Process System.ini File

           - Process Win.ini File

           - Load Startup Group Items


      d.Click OK, and then quit the System Information tool.


      e.Restart your computer. The clean-boot process eliminates the possibility

        that an anti-virus program or other utility is causing the error message. It

        should also disable any third-party printing software such as

        Hewlett-Packard Port Monitor or Epson Spooler.


        For information about clean booting Windows 98 using the System

        Configuration Utility, please see the "Narrowing the Focus" section in the

        following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:

           Q192926 How to Perform Clean-Boot Troubleshooting for Windows 98








  2.Change the spooling format from Enhanced Metafile (EMF) to RAW, and

    attempt to print directly to the printer instead of spooling the print job. To do

    so, follow these steps:


      a.Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Printers.


      b.Right-click the printer you are using, and then click Properties.


      c.On the Details tab, click Spool Settings.


      d.Click Print Directly To The Printer.


      e.In the Spool Data Format box, click RAW.


      f.Click OK, click OK again, and then close the Printers window.




  3.Some printer drivers have a coding error that can cause one of these error

    messages to occur. To determine if this is the case, update or change the

    printer driver. For information about how to do so, please see the following

    article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

        ARTICLE-ID: Q128345

        TITLE : Troubleshooting Printing Problems in Windows 95/98



  4.There may be a terminate-and-stay-resident (TSR) or other program that

    prevents Spool32.exe from being run when Windows 95/98 starts. To work

    around this issue, use one of the following methods:


    - Create a shortcut to the <windows>\system\spool32.exe file in the StartUp

    folder, where <windows> is the folder in which Windows 95/98 is installed. For

    information about how to do so, click Start, click Help, click the Index tab, type

    "shortcuts" (without quotation marks), and then double-click the "Creating"



    - Using a text editor (such as Notepad), add the following line to the Load= or

    Run= line in the [Windows] section of the Win.ini file




    where <drive> is the drive on which Windows 95/98 is installed, and

    <windows> is the folder in which Windows 95/98 is installed.