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There isn't a very simple way of splitting a layaway ticket

when a customer picks up one item of several left on layaway.


We would have to suggest this:


1) Edit the Sale.


2) Remove the item(s) that is NOT being picked up. (by typing zero for the



3) If the existing deposit is more than the item being picked up, then

refund the overpayment. If the existing deposit is less then the item being

picked up, accept payment for the balance of the picked up item.


4) Create a new ticket for the items not being picked up today. If you

issued a refund on the original ticket, or if the customer is giving you an

additional deposit for the new layaway ticket then apply that payment to

this new ticket. If there wasn't an overpayment, then make no payment


In general, if a customer puts several items on layaway and it's likely

they will pick up just one, then it would be better to put each item on a

separate ticket to start with. (but, of course, you won't always know ahead

of time, you you may occasionally need to follow the above steps to split