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After each of these numbered choices, test

Shoppro to see if there is a speed difference.


1) Open My Computer.

 Open the Network Drive

 Open the COMPLINK.JS folder.

 Find an Application program called: FOXR.EXE

 Right click.

 Choose Properties.

 Click the Memory Tab.

 Make sure all Memory setting are set to AUTO

 (Conventional, Expanded, Extended, MS-DOS protected mode)

 Make sure Protected is NOT checked.

 Uses HMA is checked

 Click Apply


2) Under the Compatibility tab, Click the

 Run this program in compatibilty mode and choose Windows 95


3) Under Misc, try setting the Idle Sensitivity to High.


4) Bring up the Task Manager by pressing the Ctrl-Alt-Del

 and click the Processes tab.

 Find the process called NTVDM.

 Right-click on the process, and then use the set priority menu

 to give that process more or less processor time.