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A sku number tracks a particular item and its invoice number, date of

receipt, individual cost, and individual sale. Therefore the same style of

item received on a different date cannot share the same sku number.


While some jewelers have a feeling that they might want to use the same

sku number, there's really no value in it since there's no need to

memorize all the sku numbers since the new sku is printed on the tag

each time.


Note that you can keep using the same manufacturer style number for the

repeat items and you can print that on the tag and some inventory reports

are based on the style number (e.g. 6,5 summarized by style)


Identical items received on the same invoice can share the same sku number

since the cost and invoice number and date are the same.


For low price items which you might not even bother tagging individually

such as watch batteries or $10 charms, you might consider overriding this



Overriding the unique sku feature involves choosing option 2,8,A when you

receive more of the same. Note that this override means bypassing the

invoice so if you want to add the invoice you'd have to add it separately

using screen 5,1,E.