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Something else to watch out for is that Full Screen mode isn't tested very

> well on many new video cards/drivers. We have many offices that still run a

> dos application in full screen mode on workstations and it's not at all

> uncommon to find cases where full screen mode on sort of works. Try running

> it in a window and see if all the problems go away. If so, then it's

> probably your video driver that's broken.


no problems in window mode. the video card/driver looks indeed

suspicious, by most of the threads i've seen in google, where SiS

and nVidia are "starring". i've an on-board SiS card/driver, so it

looks i'll have to update/reinstall it.


> One symptom we've seen is that the program works fine for awhile and then

> appears to freeze. What's really happened is that Windows has forgotten to

> update the screen. So every keystroke is actually being processed just like

> it should, you just don't see anything happen. If you hit the keystrokes to

> exit the application, suddenly the window closes just like it should.


not in my case. no exit/save/load keystrokes are recognized by the app.


>This is by no means the only thing we've seen though, it's just a fact of life

> that video card manufacturers don't really care about this video mode much

> and barely test it.

> In most cases, updating to the latest video driver fixes it, but not always

> (in which case you simply _have_ to run it in a Window). Note that there are

> special fonts out on the Internet designed specifically to make a Windowed

> DOS session take up virtually the entire screen. This gives you the benefit

> of running in a Window, but looks almost like a full screen DOS session.


for now, i use a 7 x 12 Lucida Console font, and compatibility to 640 x 480

resolution. it takes up almost the entire screen.