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The Shop-Pro doesn't have a bill-to/ ship-to option at this time, but

here are a couple of tips that might help.


At the end of a sale before print the invoice/receipt you can choose

MESSAGE where you can change the receipt message and could perhaps add

the other address. Note, however, that this message change only prints out

but does not get saved with the sale.


A way of getting the other address to stay with the sale is to add several

special NOTES sku numbers and typing in the address on several NOTES. Here

is some information on that kind of sku number:


In version 8 there is an improved method of adding extra notes on the

sales screen which are saved for future lookup. In previous versions you

could have added a dummy stock number to the sale and typed a note in the

description and set the price to zero, but that would have cluttered the

sales screen, receipt and customer history with unnecessary stock numbers

and zeros. The new feature allows extra notes without the clutter.


*First, add a major class code for notes. Set this to Repair Category 5.

This will add a dummy sku number which you can add to any sale where you

will type the notes in the description. You can even erase the description

in the dummy sku number from the Edit Inventory screen. Note that you can

still add several extra lines of notes to the customers receipt by

changing the message before you print the receipt. However, as before, any

of those extra receipt messages are not saved with the sale for future

look-up. The messages with the dummy stock number with category 5, are

saved with the sale.