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           Network Printing with Windows 95/98/ME


These are the steps to allow a computer to access a printer

connected to another computer on the network. They assume the

printer is already connected and working with the computer

connected to the printer and that the printer is assigned as

shared at the other computer. Note that serial printers are not



1)   On the Windows Desktop, use NOTEPAD to edit the

   C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT file.  Add the statement:




   (For Windows ME you have to add the environmental variable JSP

   with a value of C - ask your computer tech how to do that)


   and save the file. Now re-start the computer.


2)   Go to Start->Settings->Printers. Add a Network Printer using

   Add printer. If you donþt know the name of the printer,

   choose Browse


   In this example, the shared printer name is \\SERVER\HP

   but the name will be different in your case. (This name what is

   typed in the Network path or queue name).


3)   Open (click) the new HP network printer icon. Choose

   Printer->Properties, and click the Details Tab.


4)   Click Capture Printer Port. Choose Device:  LPT2


5)   In Path: type the name of the share printer (e.g.  \\SERVER\HP)

   Or in the Path box there is a down arrow that you can click

   to select the correct printer name from a list.


6)   Click the Re-connect at login. Click OK.


7)   Go into Jewelry Shopkeeper (Pro). Choose Printer Control

   Codes (Choice 8,A).  Press Esc to add a new printer (Choose

   "NOT USED - ADD PRINTER" in Shopkeeper)  Since were this is

   Hewlett Packard Laser in this example, duplicate the HP

   Laserjet. Name the printer "Network HP" and type LPT2 for

   the Printer Port.


8)   Once in the Printer Control Codes menu, select 0 to Exit and

   Save changes.


9)   Go to the Printer Redirection Feature [Choice 8,B]. Note the

   printer number assigned to the printer called: Network HP.


10)  Press <Esc> to "Customize Printing Destinations" screen.

   Type the newly assigned printer number in any print job to

   be redirected to the network printer.