Setup New Printer in DOS Shopkeeper

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In Shopkeeper, Choose 8 B (Printer Redirection)


Highlight a printer definition that corresponds with your printer name. It doesn't have to be an exact match. For instance in the above example both the Xerox and Hewlett Packard printers are HP Compatible so printer 14 (HP LaserJet Duplicate) will work.


Press the F2 key when highlighting the printer definition:


Classic Setup 1


After a few moments a list of shared printers will appear. Select your new printer.


If you do not see a list, either you did not share the printer or your computer firewall is blocking Shopkeeper from seeing the shared printers.


Classic Setup 2


After pressing enter the printer Port will show LPT3

The printer queue will be filled in the Universal Naming Convention. (UNC)


In this example: \\EMACH\HP1100


classic setup 3



Finally, press Esc. Fill in the print jobs you want to use that printer with the printer definition number.


In this example, Reports & General User Printer was set to 14.


classic setup 4