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Screen Size in Windows XP



Running Shop-pro in Full screen mode under Windows may still be possible

technically, but it's no longer recommended as it can cause incompatibility

problems for Shop-Pro and/or Windows.


In most cases most full-screen fans have found a font that is very

readable for running Shopkeeper in a window.


To run in a Window you often have to reselect the font size. Start the

Shop-Pro and put it into a 'Window' so you can see part of the

Windows Desktop in the background - you may need to press Alt-Enter to

switch to a window mode.


Make sure the window is maximized. i.e. at the top right between the

minimize and the close buttons the middle button should appear like

a double-box. If it appears as a single box -click that to switch to

maximized size


Right-click the title bar at the top of the window then

choose Properties, then pick the Font tab and select Lucida Console and

then select a size, such as 18, 20, 24, then click OK and then select

Save for future and click OK.


Note that you can type in font sizes not listed. eg. if 21 is not listed

but you think it would be a good size, just type in 21.


21 is a good size for monitors with a resolution of 1024 x 768

25 or 16 are good sizes for monitors with a resolution of 1280 x 1024


Note that the best size will depend on your monitor resolution. Also note

that in a Window you can normally make Shop-Pro fit the full width of the

screen and up to 70% of the height (not 100%)