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Scheduling invoices aids in paying invoices payable in increments.


When you log in a scheduled payable and the DUE DATE is requested this would

represent the date of the first payment due date.


At the end of an invoice entry you can request a schedule where you can

specify the number of payments and their dates. The first payment needn't be

equal to the successive payments but each of the successive payments need to

be equal.


When running a Cash Requirement Report (option 5,2,4) the scheduled payment

for the current month is identified on scheduled payables so you know which

ones are not due all at once.


When paying invoices payable using the "Make Payments to Several Vendors"

option the Scheduled Payment is also identified and the amount is recorded

in the central column for easy selection.


Note that there are some limitations:


If you overpay one month it will not automatically take care of the next

month's payment.


When you run the accounts payable aging report it doesn't distribute the

scheduled payment amounts into the different aging bins - the total

remaining  balance appears in the appropriate column for the next payment

due date.