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If the "Salutation" field on the customer screen is filled in, then

mailing labels will print the customers name using this information

rather than using the last name and first name. This feature is in

case you want to address a customer a certain way rather than just

letting the Shop-Pro print it normaly.  For example, a customer might

prefer to receive mail addressed to Col. J.F. & Mrs. Smith instead

of Col. & Mrs. or John & Mary, etc.


If filled in, this box does not NOT automatically change when the

customer name changes.


You can manually change it from the customer edit screen 8,2,1  - but

first choose Yes for the question "ask for the customers mailing label

salutation" on page 2 of "store information defaults.


Alternatively you can recreate all the saluations based on the customers'

names by choosing option 8,1,8,S from the Main Menu. Note that if you

had typed in a special salutation like the above  (Col. J.F. & Mrs. Smith)

it would be replaced with the normal salutation for everybody.