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RE:Sales Tax Update



Sales Tax Changes and Layaways & Repairs & Special Orders



Change the Rate


If your sales tax rate changes, first change it in "Store Information

Defaults" - usually it's on the third page of Defaults.


Old Pending Layaways


If you have many outstanding layaways or repairs or special orders you may

need to change those too since they will be "stamped" with the sales tax

rate in effect when they were first typed in.


Save the attached file U_STAX.FXP into the \COMPLINK.JS\PRO folder

on the drive where Shopkeeper is installed, then start Shopkeeper

and choose File, Miscellaneous Options, Utility Programs, then find

the one called STAX and run that.




If you accept returns at the old rate you'll have to manually change the

tax rate on those individual sales tickets. To do this, record the sale

and put the returned sku number on line 1 (with a minus-one quantity

as is normal for returns). Then on line 2, press Enter a few times until

you see the prompt "Enter More items, change the Tax % rate, Continue,"

where you should choose T for Tax Rate.

* Note 1. This changes the tax rate for the entire ticket so for an exchange

You must process the return item on one sales ticket at the old rate

and issue a credit slip or cash refund. Then process the new item on

another sales ticket at the regular new rate.

* Note 2. To help you identify such old-rate returns give the return a

special DEPT code (under the date and clerk) so you can run a 6,2,3

sales tax report for those items as a separate run.