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How to change the Sales Tax Status For Items on the Sales Screen


On the sales screen you can change the sale tax status for each item

individually. E.g. you can turn on or off the tax for each item

changing the item's normal taxable status. If you have several taxes

you can turn on or off individual taxes.


To do this, highlight the item and with the flashing cursor in the

Price box, click the <Options> button in the middle of the screen.

You can also press the Left-Arrow to bring up the list of options.


From the list of options there is a CHANGE TAX option.


Note that there is a shortcut button you can press when the flashing

cursor is in the Price box.


For Version 9.2 and below the shortcut button is Page-Down.


For Version9.4 and up the shortcut button is Ctrl-Home.


(this was changed because many people were accidentally changing the

sales tax status because they were Pressing Page-Down to get to the

payment screen before waiting to get to an empty sku line)