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Staggered Sales Tax




Go to "Store information defaults"


set the first tax at 6.00%

The second tax at positive 1.00%   OVER 0

the third tax at negative  1.00%   OVER $5,000

Set the tax words as you like - perhaps

  State Tax

  County Tax

  Cnty Limit




set the first tax at 7.00%

The second tax at negative 1.00%   OVER $5,000

the third tax at zero

Set the tax words as you like - perhaps

  Sales Tax

  Pasco Limit


This has the effect of charging 7.00% tax on the full amount,

then removing the 1.00% surtax over $5,000


Check each major code from the 8,3,1 Edit Major Codes screen to ensure

that all three of the sales taxes are activated for all taxable major codes


Note that tax and the applicable limits are calculated on each individual

item on a sale. They are NOT calculated on the total of a sales ticket.

Therefore the tax is not affected if you make one sales ticket with two

$4000 items totalling or two separate sales tickets of one $4000 item each.