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If your sale number sequence has changed but you're not getting a

particular error message, see the sixth paragraph, below.


At the sales screen, users of the Jewelry Shopkeeper sometimes try to

enter a new sale, but the program responds with


So they try another number and get the same message.


The reason for this is because the sale number really has been used in

the past. You might have previously used sales numbers 5000 to 5500

already and somehow you might have accidentally reset the sales number

to 4500. Everything would be fine until you get to 5000 at which point

you'll get the above warning message, so you try 5001, 5002, etc.

Clearly though this is not going to work because 5000 to 5500 have

already been used.


What you should do is run a sales report sorted by sale number so you

can see which sales numbers have been used. If you run a sales report

and see that sales up to 5500 have already been used, you might then

reset the next sales number to 6000.


To run a sales report by sales number, go to the Main Menu and press

6,2,3 for the Itemized Sales Report screen. Set the Sort By option to

Sale #, run the report and see which numbers have already been used.


To reset the next sales number, simply type in the desired new sale

number the next type you type in a sale.


You might consider starting all sales numbers with the year. E.g.

start all sales in 1997 with 1997 or just 97 -- this would give you

sales numbers such as  9701513. Sales numbers can be up to nine digits



In version 8 and beyond, when you reset the sale number, you will be

asked to confirm the new sequence number. The reason you have to

confirm the resetting number is to prevent users from accidentally

resetting the sales number sequence. Security settings may restrict

changing this sale number. If you choose YES to reset the sale number

but it doesn't seem to 'take' then you have to log in at the level 10

(or go to choice 8,G for passwords, go to approx 3rd page and lower the

requirement to chnage the sale number sequence.)


If you use pre-printed sales tickets and you don't always use them in

order, you might find it annoying to be constantly asked if you want

to reset the sales number, so you can change the threshold that causes

the program to confirm the reset. The default is 10, but if you change

it to 500, the program won't ask for a confirmation if the sale number

you use is within 500 of the last sales ticket. However, if you were

to accidentally type in a number that is 20,000 off from the last sale

you would be asked to confirm.