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Sending Shop-Pro Reports to Text Files



You can send the results of a Shop-Pro report or other printout to a text

file which you can then save for future review, email to a correspondent

or retrieve in another program such as MS Word or Excel and print.



1) Choose Printer Re-direction. Find the printer called:



2) In the PORT column for this printer type: C:\FILE.TXT. Note the printer

 number assigned to this printer. You can type in another filename if

 needed, but keep the filename (in place of "FILE") to eight or fewer



3) Make sure the Printer Definition number for Reports and General use is

 set to the printer in step 2 - most commonly this is #10. Make a note

 of this value of this option before changing it.


4) Run the report. Then exit Shop-Pro. It is important to exit Shop-pro to

 close that file .


5) The output file will be created on the C: drive called FILE.TXT this

 file can be emailed as an Attachment.


6) Back in Shoppro, change the Reports and General use printer back to the

 original value.


Note that the file created CANNOT be created in a format such as CSV or

Excel -- it's just a standard ASCII or TEXT file.


If you plan to import it into Excel you will need to use Excel's "parse"

feature to cut it into logical columns. For current versions of Excel

(Excel 2000 etc) it will probably automatically go into a "parse" mode

when you try to  import that text file. In that case when it opens the

file choose 'Fixed-Width' and then it will suggest 'Break Lines' to cut

the report into columns. Current versions of Excel do a good job of

guessing where the columns should be but you may need to remove a few

break lines if it cuts the description into three columns. You may also

need to add or move break lines. Then on the next step you may want

to specify that any date columns are set as Date Type.


If you plan to print the report from MS Word you need to select a

monospace font such as Courier or Lucinda Console in order to keep the

columns lined up. However you can change the orientation to landscape

if wanted.


In the Shop-Pro, change the "reports and general use printer" back to the

correct setting.


If you want to save various different reports with different filenames

you can change the filename in the Printer Redirection screen before

running the next report.