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Note that whenever a customer returns an item to you (straight return or

trade or exchange), you do NOT edit the original sale and make the

adjustment there. This is true whether the item was purchased yesterday and

is in the current sales file or whether the item was 5 years ago and where

the sale has been archived / purged.


Instead you need to make a brand new sales ticket and record the same sku

with a -1 quantity


If there are no other items involved then proceed to the payment area to

issue a refund which could be in the form of an in-store credit slip, cash-

back, credit card refund (or, in the case of an in-house charge account

customer not a refund but a credit on account)


If the customer is getting another item in exchange, add the item(s) as

separate line(s) on the same sale. Then you can proceed to issue a refund if

you ow them or accept a payment if they owe you.


See 'Handling Exchanges' Approx page 1-23 in the manual for more details