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!  Below, replace any instance of 123106 with the appropriate numbers

!  for the date you want to restore. This example is for Dec 31, 2006


This will allow you to restore your Dec 31 2006 data to a separate area of

your computer. This will leave your current set of books intact. That way

you can look at the accounts status the way they were then compared to how

they are now. Note that you shouldn't make any new entries to this older

set of books you should just look at them or run reports on them.


Note that this command will only work if you backed up using diskettes or

Zip or USB drives and used option 3 from Compulink's Command Menu. If you

use USB thumb-drives or Zip disks then replace the A: below with the drive

letter corresponding to the Zip or USB drive.


(If you use a tape system or some other backup system then you have to

restore the \complink.js\data.js folder from the backup into the

\complink.js\123106 folder on the hard drive. In this case Compulink

doesn't know how your backup system works so can't give more detailed

instructions - but note that  restoring files to a different folder than

where they came from might be tricky with a tape or other backup system.)


Insert the last backup diskette from the backup in the A: drive.


Go to the COMMAND MENU. This is the menu with the prompt ENTER YOUR CHOICE->

at the bottom. To get to the COMMAND MENU you normally use the JS-MENU icon

from the Windows Desktop. If your JS-MENU icon was erased, you can get to

the COMMAND MENU by opening an MS-DOS prompt (by clicking on Start, Programs)

and typing JS and enter (if you have a network you may have to switch to the

correct drive letter where the Shop-Pro is installed before typing JS.)


From the ENTER YOUR CHOICE-> prompt type:

MD  123106                             and press Enter

PKUNZIP    A:DATA   *.*  123106        and press Enter


Remember - if you use Zip or USB drives change A: to the correct letter.

The restore program might ask you to insert the last disk or the first disk

etc. If prompted, insert the appropriate diskette.


To go and look at this old copy of data, type (at the "Command Menu")

        1P    123106      <Enter>

instead of just

        1P                <Enter>

alone which will still get you into the current set of books.


At a certain time after you have finished reviewing the 123106

books, you might want to erase that whole subdirectory/folder

from your hard drive. This will save space and avoid confusion.


If you want to erase that folder, open the JS-MENU/Command Menu and type:

DEL  123106      <Enter> - (choose Yes to erase all the files)

RD   123106      <Enter>

EXIT             <Enter>