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This will allow you to restore your December 31st data to a separate area

of your computer. That way you can look at the accounts status the way they

were then compared to how they are now.


Before you do this, it is probably a good idea to backup your data in case

you accidently restore your old data over your current data.


Go to the COMMAND MENU. This is the menu with the prompt ENTER YOUR CHOICE->

at the bottom. From the ENTER YOUR CHOICE-> prompt, type


MD  123100


Next you will have to restore your month-end tape backup. Note that might

be a bit tricky so only someone who knows your tape backup system well

should do this. Compulink is not familiar with the various tape backup

systems on the market.


You have to restore all the files that are in the \COMPLINK.JS\DATA.JS

directory from the tape into the \COMPLINK.JS\123100 directory on the



-Note:  unless you are careful, the tape system will very likely restore

the data into the \COMPLINK.JS\DATA.JS directory on the computer which

would erase your current data!



To go and look at this old copy of data, go to the black and white Command

Menu (by using the JS-MENU icon or typing JS at the C: prompt) and type:

 1P    123100   <Enter>

instead of just

 1P             <Enter>

alone (which will still get you into the current set of books.)