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Note that this command will only work if you backed up using

diskettes and using option 3 from Compulinkþs Command Menu.


To restore your data from a diskette; insert the first backup

diskette from your backup set in the A: (or B:) drive.


Go to the COMMAND MENU. (In Windowsþ95 Double Click the JS-MENU

icon) This is the menu with the prompt ENTER YOUR CHOICE-> at the

bottom. From the ENTER YOUR CHOICE-> prompt, type





The restore program might ask you to insert the last disk or the

first disk etc. If prompted, insert the appropriate diskette.






There are many tape drive programs on the market and Compulink

wonþt be able to help you with all the details on your specific

backup program but there are similarities in all tape programs.


1) The Jewelry Shopkeeper data is located in a directory (or

folder) called:

\COMPLINK.JS\DATA.JS. Once youþve opened the tape contents using

the Restore feature of your tape program, all the directories

will be shown. Look for COMPLINK.JS.


Once you located COMPLINK.JS, open it, donþt select it. Selecting

means youþve tagged all the files in the COMPLINK.JS directory to

be restored. Only do this in the case of a hard disk crash or if

this is a new computer that Jewelry Shopkeeper is not installed

on. Usually you can tell if youþve selected a folder when check

marks appear next to all the files or they change color.


Once the COMPLINK.JS directory is open look for a directory

called DATA.JS. This is where all the data youþve type is stored.



3) Check the dates on the files in the DATA.JS folder. Most of

them (not all) should have the date and time when the backup set

was run. Check the CUSTOMER.DBF file its most likely to have a

recent date.


4) Make sure the OVERWRITE EXISTING FILES ALWAYS feature is

turned on. The wording may be different in your backup program,

but this tells the backup program that if the files are already

on the hard disk write over them with a older data (as the data

on the tape is sure to be older than the data on the computer.)


5) If directed, tag only the files that are necessary. In most

cases, this means all the files in the DATA.JS directory. In some

specific cases, Compulink may advise you to select only one file.

(such as SYS_VAR.MEM or SPECIALS.DBF). Usually the files are

listed in alphabetical order.


6) If you are on a network, or using Windowsþ95 make sure no

copies of Jewelry Shopkeeper are open. Data cannot be properly

restored (or backed up) when the program is in use.