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If a name has been deleted from the customer list and you edit a sale for

that customer, a message similar to the following message will appear:



º               The customer name in the sales file:   Ayers              º

º                                                                         º

º        and the customer name in the customer file:                      º

º                                                                         º

º                       DON'T MATCH !                                     º

º                                                                         º

º There must be a customer last name in the customer file:  Ayers         º

º                                                                         º

º                          with a customer number of:  1449               º

º                                                                         º

º                  in order for you to continue.                          º

º                                                                         º



To add back a customer name that has been deleted inadvertently:


Write down the Last Name and Customer Number - In this case AYERS and

1449. From the main menu, choose Maintenance and Customer Maintenance.

Select choice 7, Choose Next Customer Number. Write down the customer

number that appears. Assume the next number is 2004. Write down 2004 and

then type 1449 over the 2004 and press <Enter>.


Go to the Add a New Customer choice, type AYERS in the last name. When the

customer list appears press <Esc> even if the name AYERS appears with the

correct first name. Pressing <Esc> is very important.


The question Do you want to add customer AYERS? Yes No will appear. Select

Yes. Add the name and address as appropriate. Make sure at the top left

corner of the screen the customer number 1449 has been assigned.


When the customer name has been added correctly, go back to the Customer

Maintenance Menu and select Choose Next Customer Number again. Put the

customer number back to 2004 and press <Enter>.


You should now be able to edit the customer's sales in the Edit Sales

feature of the Sales menu.


REMEMBER! the numbers 1499 and 2004 above are examples. You must

substitute your own applicable numbers!