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Sending Shop-Pro Reports to Files


From the Main Menu choose 8,B for Printer Redirection and then

press Enter to see the list of printers. From the list look

for an entry "send print output to a file" which is often #10


Change the file name to C:\FILE1.TXT and then press Ctrl-End


From the next page "Customize Printing Destinations" change the

Reports and General Use Printer to this "file" printer (usually #10)

then press PageDown to Save and Exit. Remember the original setting for

Reports & General Use Printer - you'll need to put it back afterward.


Next, run the report you want to be saved to this file - be sure to

choose either Print or Compressed. The report won't print on paper

but will instead be saved in the file name you typed in.


Immediately after running the report go back to Printer Redirection

and change the file name to something else - e.g. C:\FILE2.TXT


When you want to resume sending reports to the printer, you have to change

the "Reports & General Use Printer" option back to its original number.


If you plan on saving several reports as files, you need to change the

file name between each report.  FILE3.TXT FILE4.TXT etc.)


If you do this again on another day, you might want to start back at

FILE1.TXT for the first report on the other day.


If you want to e-mail this report - include the file name as an email

attachment or choose Insert as Text. You may also be able to open the

report in MS-Word or MS-Excel if you know those programs well.