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Printing 3-Part Repair Envelopes & 3-Part Repair Cards



In order to use 3-part repair envelopes from Impact Specialties or the

3-part repair cards from Hessler, first select a HP LaserJet or DeskJet

printer for the Repair Envelope selection on the 'Customize Printer

Destination Page of 'printer Redirection'  (The 3rd page from option 8,B

from the Main Menu)


Impact Specialties: 800-543-4264 Paper Repair Envelope built-in Part # LE1


Hessler Enterprises 800-346-1304    (215) 379-2300

3-part heavy paper and matching zip-lock reusable clear pocket for

in-store 3rd part


Please note that the repair envelope option as well as the side-by-side

sales receipt option require Hewlett Packard printers (not Epson, Canon,

Lexmark, etc.)


Normally the HP Deskjet entry is #3 and normally the HP LaserJet entry is

printer #5 from the list of printers that you see when you choose Printer

Redirection.  However, it's possible that your list is different so look

for the correct printer number from your list of printers in Printer



Next, make sure you have enabled the Repair Envelope option by going to

page  16 of Store Information Defaults (option 8,8 from the Main Menu) and

choose Yes for the Repair Envelope option. You might as well select No to

the other repair printing options to prevent the repair screen show from

showing unneeded print choices.


Then from the repair detail screen where you type in all the repair details,

after you fill in all the boxes (or press PageDown to skip the boxes you

don't want to fill in) you will have the choice to print a repair Envelope.


Note that while you can configure your sales receipt to reprint the

repair details - the sales receipt does NOT print 3-part envelopes.

The sales receipt is option you see when finishing a sales entry;

you see the repair envelope printing option only when you are in the

repairs details screen.