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To run the reorder report by style, choose the inventory report screen

(option 6,5). Change option B) from  ITEMIZED to REORDER REPORT


You should probably also make sure to change the option to INCLUDE zero

quantity items. (Because if they have fallen to zero, there is a good

chance you will want to see those items as you may want to reorder them!)


When you choose Start report you will be asked: "Do you only want to see

items below the Low or High reorder qty's or All?"


To only see items that have fallen below the  LOW level (most common)

choose Low. To see items that have fallen below the HIGH level, choose

High. To see all merchandise regardless of the current inventory level, and

regardless of whether they have a reorder level, choose ALL.


Next you will be asked if you want the report to also show you some sales

figures. If you choose Yes, you can pick the date range of sales that you

want shown. You can also show the details of each sale such as names and

dates of each, but this will make the report much longer.


In order to actually specify the desired reorder levels, use screen "edit

inventory" option 2,8,E from the Main Menu. Note that you will locate

items by the sku number, but because reorder levels are based on a vendor

style number, any change you make to a reorder level will automatically

update the reorder level for every other sku number with the same style .