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Relocating Inventory



Relocating inventory refers to changing the location code(s) associated

with sku numbers. Normally this location code identifies different cases

or windows or trays or the vault. However some jewelers use it to

identify which salesman has the item or even which store the item is in.


Note that in the case of multiple stores where each store runs an

independent copy of Jewelry Shopkeeper, then you use the Interstore

Transfer feature not the relocate feature.


To relocate a single item choose option 2,8,E to Edit Inventory


To relocate several items chose option 2,8,R Relocate Inventory Between



When you choose 2,8,R you can choose where the items are coming FROM

but this is optional if you don't care where they are taken from.


The TO location is required


If you choose Yes for the barcode reader then the relocation screen will

accept a quantity of one for each item you scan without waiting for you

to confirm the quantity. It will then wait for the next item immediately.

This is to speed up the relocation. However, if you want to read with a

barcode reader but slow it down and verify the quantity manually you

can choose No.


A relocation tracking number will automatically be assigned which lets

you print a relocation report. If you want to add to a previous relocation

number, type that in before adding new items. Note that if you type

in a previous relocation number, the screen where you enter the sku numbers

does NOT show the previous items but those previous items WILL appear on

the same relocation report.


The relocation tracking number is based on the date and the location

used, so if you want to make two separate relocation reports for the

same location on the same day, then you will have to manually augment

the relocation tracking number. E.g. you could add a 1 or 2 at the end.