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      Refunding Credit Slips or Gift Certificates


Edit the credit slip [1,9]  reduce the amount to zero, then it will

ask how the refund will be paid back - you can pick credit card,

personal check or cash (or credit card if you are crediting the

customer's credit card.). Personal check doesn't really make

sense unless you are returning to a customer his own check.


Important Note: The money refunded will assume the date that shows on

the credit slip. So - if you want the refund to appear on today's cash

register posting report you should change the date of the credit slip

to today. If you change the credit slip date but want to make a note

of the original issuance date write that somewhere in the description.


There isn't an option to tell the program you are issuing a

company check, so you can either enter the minus dollar figure

next to cash or check and type a reference in the reference box.



This alternative below may only exist in the most up-to-date version:


One inelegant way of specifically tracking a refund by company

check is to make a layaway ticket with no sku numbers on it. In the

payment amount box, type $xx as the amount of the credit slip, ignore

the complaint about the amount being unexpected, select the credit slip

as the payment method and Accept the payment. If asked if you want to

Finalize or leave Open the $0.00 sale, choose Open. When asked if you want

to print a receipt, choose the "Edit Sale" option - pick that [or if you

miss this option, just choose Edit Sale from the sales menu]. When you

get to the payment amount box, it will suggest a refund of $xx, which

you will accept and for which you can then specify a company check.