Receipt Adjustments

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                     Receipt Adjustments


If your receipt already has your company name pre-printed, then

you would want to choose N to the question Print your store name

on the Half-Page receipt?


If your receipt is not as wide as 8«" you would want to adjust

either or both of the FONT or the WIDTH REDUCTION. If you choose

17 pitch font then the printing will be more compressed so it

will take less space across the page. If you put a positive

number in the WIDTH REDUCTION, the program will 'squish' the

receipt horizontally. the Width Reduction can be increased to

about 35 before the formatting starts to look a bit too strange.


If your receipt paper is 11" tall you would want to change the

length to 11. Since this size of receipt is quite tall, you would

probably want to adjust some other parameters to space the

receipt out better. First you would want to enter a positive

number for the prompt Enter the length reduction: This will

prevent the sales summary and message printing right at the very

bottom of the page. E.g. putting a number of 2 would add gap of 2

lines at the bottom of the receipt under the sales message.


Also if your receipt paper is 11" tall and it does NOT have your

company name pre-printed (i.e. you are using plain paper), you

might want to make the company name print not quite at the very

top of the page, you might want a margin of a few lines to space

things out. To do thins you can enter a number such as 2 or 3

next to the prompt If yes, what line should the store name print

on? You could further space things out by entering a number such

as 2 or 3 next to the prompt  Enter the number of blank lines

before the customer name:


If you are using paper that is 8«" wide, you might want to enter

a number for the OVERALL LEFT MARGIN. Recording a number such as

from 2 to 5 will make the receipt not print right at the left

edge of the paper.


Note that if you put a number for the left margin, you will

almost certainly have to put a number for the WIDTH REDUCTION.

This is because the laser printer can not use the full width of

the paper and because the Jewelry Shopkeeper prints a border all

the way around the edge.