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PSTI Interface


PSTI Interface




Determine the character which will be used to open the cash

drawer. A non-printable character is suggested, such as Control-A

(SOH). Use the ASCII Chart to determine switch settings on switch



Connect the proper gender of the 'Y' cable to the transmitting

port of the computer or terminal being used.


Attach the unoccupied connector on the 'Y' cable to the other

device. Switch 2 must be set in the OFF position if a printer is

attached. If the cash drawer is to be used as a dead end device*,

switch 2 should be in the ON position.


  * A jumper cap may be required for some dead-end caps. Please

  consult our technical support department.


  Testing in a DOS Environment:


Be sure drawer lock is not engaged.


Verify switch settings. Switches pushed in at the top, along the

numbered side, are 'ON'. For this test, set switches as follows:


Switch 1: 1,7 ON

Switch 2: All OFF


A parallel printer attached to the Y cable is necessary for

testing purposes. Turn the printer off, then back on, to reset it.


Exit your system to a DOS prompt. Type the following command:


c:\>echo "This is a printer test. AA">prn


The printer should print and the cash drawer should open. PRN is

the default printer port. Substitute a specific port, ie, lpt1,

lpt2, etc, if necessary.