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1) At the Windows95/98 Desktop

       a) double click NETWORK NEIGHBORHOOD

       b) double click the WORKSTATION/SERVER that the printer you want to print to is connected  ***

       c) RIGHT click the printer

       d) choose CAPTURE printer port.

       e) choose LPT2

       f) make sure RE-CONNECT AT LOGON is checked



2) Go to the Shoppro

       a) choose FILE, MISC, UTILITIES

       b) find one called GETENV

       c) the 3rd LAST question reads:

       keep each workstation printer and color setup on local drive: (C)

       d) in the entry field type in C

       e) press page down twice

       f) exit Shoppro


3) Re-start the computer by choosing START, SHUT DOWN, RE-START at the windows desktop.




*** if the printer doesn't appear in the Network Neighborhood


a) go to the workstation that the printer physically attached to.

b) right click network neighborhood

c) choose properties

d) choose File and Print Sharing

e) make sure BOTH selections are checked.

f) click ok, restart the computer (by choose start, shutdown, restart)

g) choose Start, Settings, Printers.

h) RIGHT click the printer you're trying to share

i) choose SHARING

j) click SHARED AS:

k) enter a USEFUL name in Share Name: (like "TAG PRINTER" or "KAREN REPORT PRINTER")

l) click ok

m) see if you can see the newly shared printer on all workstations in network neighborhood