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To Print the Screen for Shop-Pro



From Windows, right click the Shop-Pro icon, choose Properties,

then pick the Misc tab, then make sure the PrtSc option is Not checked

(this option may not exist on every version of Windows)


Then to print screen press Shift-PrintScreen.




An alternative method below requires an extra step but is more reliable

with a wider range of printers and yields better quality output and lets

you print two screen-shots on a single page


Make sure Shop-Pro is in a Window (if it's appearing in Full-Screen mode,

press Alt-Enter to switch to a window) and then press Alt-PrintScreen.

This puts a copy of the Shop-Pro window into the Windows clip-board.

Then you can open MS-Word or WordPad or another word processor and choose

Edit, Paste-Special (or just Paste.)


Note that if you want to print two screen-shots per page you may need to set

the margins to the minimum size.





If you use printsceen often then for greater control and ease and

speed you might add a program called Print Screen Deluxe from


You can configure that program to send the current screen directly

to the printer. (in better quality than the basic print screen)

or you can configure it to let you select a certain rectangle from

the screen. Or it can get configured to save the screens to a file

on disk, etc., etc..


There are several other similar utilty programs for printscreen

some free and some for a few dollars.